Integral Learning Community


ARILACis an integral learning community to train local leaders in the world through Scripture engagement and community development.

Mission Statement
ARILAC seeks to equip Christians with a balanced integration of the gospel, the church, the individual, and the world. 

Foundation of Integrated Learning Community
ARILAC is working hard to equip people to live as well-balance christian witness in the midst of integrated relationship among gospel, church and world.

Core Values

1. Flexibility: Full personality formation and training of ministers through non-formal education. Pursuing a way to fill and complement weaknesses and loopholes in institutional education.

2. Collaboration: Collaboration between locals and migrants is important because they are missioned elsewhere through the unprecedented global diaspora phenomenon. Particularly, the elimination of asymmetrical relations is a priority task of ministry.

3. Relevancy: Establish appropriate and useful courses for the needs of the field.

4. Inter-clusion: As the multicultural environment accelerates, the two-way learning method for culturally, religiously, and ethnically mutual understanding is pursued.

5. Transparency: seeking an open learning community for all who need growth.

6. Integrity: Growth and expansion of the kingdom of God (whole gospel: proclamation of the gospel and demonstration of the gospel), seeking all possibilities to achieve it.

7. Reciprocity: seeking a global community that grows all the participants into a measurement of the growth of Christ.