ARILAC News, May

2020-08-07 13:44
  1. On May 20-23, the '2020 United Overseas Missionary Convention' was held at Paju Retreat Center of the Bangjoo Church. The main theme was about appropriate technology in the mission field, predominantly on the use of electronic libraries.
  2. 7 research centers are decided to corporate into 4 centers: Center for Diaspora Studies, Center for Community Development Studies, Center for Scripture Engagement, Center for Inter-cultural Studies.
  3. Center for Scripture Engagement published two volumes, “Enter into the Land of the Bible,” by Jesoon Jung and Joel Lee. Volume 1 is about studying the region according to the itinerary of traveling Jordan and Israel for 10 nights. Volume 2 is meant, while travelling, to go through the whole scripture from Genesis to Revelation focusing on selected topics, with 20 from O. T. and 20 from N. T. It is also a guide for both ministers and lay people to teach the Bible based on this book with the addition of what they know.