ARILAC News, July

2020-08-07 13:45
  1. ARILAC decided to propel immediately forward the project that ARILAC, JIT(Joy Institute of Technology) and GTC(Good Technology Cooperation) came up with to jointly reinvest funds to missions with the profit to make ARILAC a self-sustained organization.
  2. The cooperation between ARILAC and the Graduate School of International Development and Cooperation at Handong University will expire at the end of next year. However, the both parties agreed to extend it for further three years, and within that period, the graduate school is supposed to be financially independent.
  3. From August 13th, 2 pm to 14th, 3 pm, the lecture on appropriate skills with practical training will be offered for 12 missionaries by Prof. Daeyeon Cho(Artificial Intelligence) at ARILAC, Handong University.