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ARILAC is a research and integral learning community that trains individuals to impact their communities by living out with a holistic and gospel-oriented christian worldview. In the past, ARILAC focused its efforts on providing a formalised M.A. degree in mother-tongue bible translation and Scriptural engagement. However, as globalisation accelerates across the world increasing the number of refugees, diaspora, and varying religions, the need for adaptable, informal training to meet these changes has become striking. It was inevitable that ARILAC had to change in order to meet these needs.

After consulting with professionals to seek a way to meet these new emerging needs, ARILAC used the data it has accumulated over the years about its personnel and resources to implement both formal and non-formal training programs. ARILAC’s formalised training program partners with Handong Global University’s Graduate School of Global Development and Entrepreneurship to provide an academic Master’s program for christiancommunity development. Global Equip 7, our informal training initiative, focuses on equipping refugees and diaspora groups all over the world.

ARILAC aspires to continue contributing to world missions while operating an integral learning community by actively partnering and networking with churches, groups, and institutions domestically and internationally.