Greetings from the Executive Director

   Welcome to ARILAC! ARILAC (Asia Research Institute of Language and Culture) is an international academic research institute specifically designed to provide holistic training and research opportunities for language and culture related development projects.

Current estimates are that about 3,000 of the 6,000 natural human languages now spoken will become extinct during the present century, unless some positive action is taken. When a language dies without written records, all potential for enriching human experience embodied in the oral tradition and wisdom of that culture is lost forever. Many have argued that the loss of diversity that language extinction represents is a scientific and human tragedy.

The goal of ARILAC is to train individuals, drawing mostly from Asia, in the skills necessary for effective language-based development work. These skills include, but are not limited to descriptive linguistics, language and culture learning, anthropology and translation. ARILAC faculty bring a wealth of professional experience and academic knowledge in language-based development projects to the classroom. In addition, ARILAC provides many opportunities for interaction among students with similar career and research interests. Since 2005, ARILAC has been providing such opportunities. If your interests coincide with those of ARILAC, I encourage you to keep reading and find out more. I look forward to meeting you someday soon at ARILAC!

Je Soon Chung, Ph.D.